Jul 14, 2020

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The Citywide Group has pledged to continue to partner with its suppliers to support human rights and stamp out exploitative work practices across its global supply chain with the release of a Supplier Code of Conduct (click to view).

The Code has been shared with Citywide’s key contractors and suppliers – including those who are assessed to be more susceptible to modern slavery risks due to the nature of their products, services or geographical areas the products or services originate from.

“We’ve been particularly keen to contact suppliers of apparel, fertilisers and herbicides, and construction materials in countries where there have been historical cases of child labour and other exploitative practices,” explained Citywide Group Head of Procurement, Peter Mackie.

“Over the coming months, we’ll be checking in with our key suppliers overseas, as well as random suppliers across Australia to see if we can offer any support in this area. We are certainly not immune from exploitative working practices in this country either.”

All suppliers contracted by Citywide are expected to adhere to our responsible sourcing commitment outlined in the Code.

These include an expectation to provide “a fair and ethical workplace” in which each employee is protected from bullying or abuse and supported by policies ensuring fair working conditions. Citywide staff will also receive appropriate awareness information about modern slavery issues..

Under the Modern Slavery Act 2018, large companies in Australia, including Citywide, are required to prepare annual statements outlining the measures they’re taking to tackle modern slavery risks across their operations and supply chains.

“Modern slavery” refers to any situations of exploitation in which a person cannot refuse or leave their work because of threats, violence or deprivation of liberty – including forced labour, child labour, domestic servitude and deceptive recruiting practices.

Citywide’s continued commitments to responsible sourcing practices have been made on behalf of all companies within the Citywide Group including Citywide Service Solutions, Technigro and Just Roots.

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